Sunday, 3 May 2015


I was lucky enough to march at the St Heliers ANZAC Day Parade with my Scout Troop.  I think it is important to be involved as the men who went over to war, many of them never returned and they went so we could have peace, and it's a chance for us to honour them as well as those who did come back.  For me, an interesting link between St Philip's Church and my Scout Group is that Sgt Brookfield was a member of the parish and our 1st Scoutmaster.  He was killed in action during the war, and the St Heliers parade gives us a chance to honour him, and other Scouts, by laying wreaths at the Brookfield Memorial on the waterfront.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

At De Fontein

Last night we had dinner at De Fontein and I had Belgium Sausages. It was delicious. Robin and I played Chess before our meal came because they had a Chess Board on one of the tables. When the food came we started eating. Robin got kids Chicken Nuggets and Mama, Papa and Nana had a Mussel Pot. I think we all liked the food we got as it was delicious.

Monday, 13 April 2015


This morning Nana came up from Christchurch to look after us for the last week of the school holidays. This afternoon Nana and I went to get my eyes checked at the University of Auckland Optometry Clinic. David was the person who did the testing for me. I have to get new glasses to wear all the time. They are Adidas brand. Sometimes the Supervisor came in and made sure it was all correct. They will be ready to collect later this week. We are not sure what we will do with Nana. Nana goes home next Monday.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Commanders of Evony

On Commanders of Evony I am Level 17. My Town Hall is level four and I have one Level 3 Archer Tower and 2 Level 4 Archer Towers one is upgrading to Level 5. I have 2 Level 4 Cannons and 1 Level 3 Cannon. I have a Level  1 Wizard Tower. I have 1 Level 1 Catapult. I hope to get War Wizards in the Barracks.

Monday, 6 April 2015


Yesterday Robin Oma and I played a game called CA$HFLOW. My dream is South Sea Island Fantasy. My profession is an Airline Pilot. You get out of the Rat Race onto the Fast Track by getting your Passive Income larger than your Total Expenses. You win by being the first to buy your dream or/and you are the first player on the Fast Track to accumulate $50,000 in Fast Track Cash Flow by buying Fast Track businesses. We will continue if it rains.

Image result for CASHFLOW game

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Harry Potter Book 1 Review

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is a very exciting book. At the start Albus Dumbledore arrives on Private Drive and Minerva McGonagall is is her animagus (a wizard that can turn into an animal at will) and then Rubeus Hagrid appears with Harry because his parents Lilly and James Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort the most evil dark wizard for a century who had came walking up to his front door when Harry was 1. Harry was living with his only living relatives Petunia Dursley, Vernon Dursley and Dudley Dursley. After a while Hagrid comes to pick him up and takes him to Diagon Alley. Then he goes to Gringotts to get some money to with draw from his vault. 

I won't spoil anymore of the book but here are some images.

Image result for harry potter 1

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Kenny Rogers Farewell Down Under Tour 2015

At the concert first was Jody Direen singing her songs. She is from Wanaka in the South Island. Next there was a band I don't know. Then at last Kenny came on and sang all the best songs. My favourites were  the Gambler, Lucille, Islands in the Stream and Coward of the County. It is his last tour ever, he is now 70 and has been performing since the 1960,s. It was an awesome concert.